I was born in Gottingen Germany.

The old famous university town held a magical spell over me,

on one hand it had a great world openness nourished by the university and the then existing films studios who drew wonderful artists into the town.

On the other-side was the quite limited fat bourgeoisie and the stifling academic influence.

Those contrasts provoked a rebellious spirit in me.

The arts held a great attraction for me. I was fascinated by wonderful paintings, form and colors.

I started to paint and write stories. But painting became my expressive tool, Here I was totally honest.

I slowly began to examine the realm of human nature, a “sturm and drang” period developed.

Many years later I entered more quite regions.

I wanted my paintings to emanate a poetry which would liberate the spirit.

Presently I am not in par with the “zeitgeist” all the trends of the art-scene.

The high input of technology irritates me, it rings often quite false, to cool and superficial with little or no substance what so ever.

To much preaching and to much of an educational lesson, to keen after the fast success.

It feels as though one is in a carousel of vanities.

I just try to be true to my beliefs and follow my path of telling stories, to get away from the brutality we are confronted with on a daily basis.

To transcend in my paintings those realities by replacing them with deeper and more spiritual values.

I still try to make sense of life and death and our mission on this earth. Our close interconnections with nature and cosmic relations with all creatures,

the beauty as well as the suffering on our journey.

I try to fill my paintings with light and hope and the reverence I feel for God.

The all embracing centre we go back to.

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